"Facebook will likely remain one of the largest ecosystems of AR content for years."

In Dec 2017, Facebook's Spark AR Studio went out of beta (after a year). Brands and developers have been able to build effects where people can place Animated Masks over their faces, 3D objects into their surroundings and interact with them in real-time.

We are currently championing this platform, having already been working in the AR scene for the past 5 years with other AR SDKs. We are working with Facebook's Spark AR team with platform bug reporting, feedback and experience improvements.

Over 2 Billion Facebook users will be able to experience, share photos & videos directly in their Facebook app, without needing to download another app. This presents a huge opportunity for increased campaign reach and brand interaction with the users.

Over time, more and more camera effects will be introduced, including HD Face Tracking, Hand Gestures, Body Tracking and even Background Segmentation, aka Bokeh Effect!

Have an effect you want to create? Contact us to develop your experience on Facebook / Instagram SparkAR Camera!