Bespoke Mobile Augmented Reality Development


Perceptik is a Augmented Reality development agency behind a MARKERLESS AUGMENTED REALITY mobile platform for clients to enhance any print material with augmented content in the camera view, or to test their Point Of Sales Materials in close-to-true scale, in actual retail environments.

Since we develop Facebook apps, we also create augmented reality experiences leveraging Facebook AR Studio and Frame Studio platforms.

Backed by H1Studio, a digital agency with +12 years experience, we are able to take your ideas and provide a turn-key solution (app design, 3D modelling / animation, app store promotion) for your marketing campaigns.

Why do we actually love Augmented Reality?
We been engaged in Augmented Reality projects since the days of Symbian phones (Nokia) and it is basically the fundamental part of what we do. There's a very solid belief that it will eventually be used in various kinds of apps – music, sports, lifestyle and education all included.
When you use your camera on some applications and a digital layer – let's use the popular dog filter on Snapchat as an example – is added to your camera feed? Yeah, that's basically augmented reality for you! This technology has the ability to recognise different objects – even the floor or space around you. These digital layers are then added to enhance reality.
Due to the immersive experience it gives users, Augmented Reality is a big player in almost any market. In the entertainment industry, AR will make apps in this category more exciting to use. Users will be enthralled by these apps and will use them for a longer period. When used in the education sector, students – as users – will be overwhelmed by the exciting and educational nature of these apps. For the industrial sector, users will understand instructions clearly than before – thereby saving a lot of working hours and even cost. This shows that there's every reason to join the AR train. You don't want your competitors to gain any substantial advantage, do you?
We have known, studied and used AR since its infancy and it has come a long way – becoming the exciting thing we now see. Its growth and development was no surprise to us and we've stayed through to watch it evolve and open the portal for a lot of possibilities. All the prominent SDK's – Flartoolkit, Metaio, Wikitude, Kudan, Vuforia and now Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore – have been used, whether for research or the deployment of a real app. Apple released ARKit in 2017 and we believe a new pedestal has been established. With the performance bar raised through ARKit and the reach of Facebook Augmented Reality (Facebook AR Studio), there's every indication that this is just the start. AR isn't perfect yet, but there's no limit to what it can achieve. With event apps, advertising apps entertainment apps already delivered, work is in progress for the release of a 3D gaming app that will coincide with the next release of iOS.

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